Inside the bedroom


The Creative projects that are currently lining the walls of my bedroom…

Happiness in Velocities happiness

Medium: Theatre Script

Project Summary

A play about finding happiness and taking flight post the diagnosis of an upliftingly unexpected sea change.

Dance the way I feel

Medium: Theatre Script

Project Summarydancetheway

Brooklyn’s a twenty something that has been blessed with a brooding jaw line, yet cursed with a clumsy social vernacular. He’s been raised with money yet shares his time with the company of purple perms and lock jawed denchers. Brooklyn wants the tools to expand his social circle and make meaningful friendships. His solution, Zydeco’s ‘Dance the way I feel’ self-help group. With the help of fellow dance therapy members Frankie a desperate occupational hazard, Autumn an over packed KFC party pack, Vada a lesbian learning the ways of parenthood in the form of a pet chicken and Finn a soft man desperate to be the perfect embodiment of the ‘kiwi bloke’. A sunrise park meeting has never looked so flamboyantly awkward.

Lines of Abstraction

Medium: Theatre Script / Film Script

Project Summary

Like a spinning top of intensity Lou’s lines of flight consumed the gravity of her circlelinesof

Lou bathed like a mermaid through the corridors of Penn’s mind. She could be everything and anything and sparkled like a pair of freshly polished Doc Martins. Lou’s also consistently one snort away from a nosebleed.  And when Lou dabbles with her friend ‘charlie’ the state of transit spin curves like a yo-yo.  Somewhere between rising and becoming unraveled. Ava, Lou’s best friend has seen it all before. Worry has turned into a permanent fear of having to style a dead corpses last public showcase. Ritchie wants the best for both his female flatmate’s and is accustomed to blowing bubbles of the salaciously comical through Lou’s aural passages whenever she drowns in an erratic come down. Beneath the shelter of Penn, against the warmth of Alex and between the armor of Ritchie’s guffaws, the lines of abstraction from Lou’s fleeting sanity pulsate. Penn and Lou’s love one heart shaped baggy away from prostitution of the soul for the love of ‘charlie’.

Just Another Freak On Karangahape Road

Medium: Film Scriptjustanother

 Project Summary

Nine vignette threads from the quintessence of Karangahape Road 

Below the palm leaves of Myers Park, along the tiles of St Kevin’s arcade and scattered like glitter throughout the sidewalks. Every flicker of neon from Karangahape Road ignites a narrative thread. A cityscape adorned by vintage tastes and flavorsome fantasies by day. That becomes all tomorrow’s parties by night. Just Another Freak on Karangahape Road showcases the unity, diversity, heart and daily collisions, vibrations and raw emotions of New Zealand’s most infamously flamboyant street, through nine vignettes.

Hands Clean

Medium: Short Film Script

Project Summary

In the midst of a budding web of hedonism the embryo of reality intervenes.

Hand Cleans is s short film about Chloe and Kip two free-spirited twenty something’s who are both drifting along with the current of life, spending a large amount of time together in a type of eudemonic embrace. However this sensual relationship faces a sea change with the news of Chloe’s pregnancy.

Somewhere Only We Know: A Visual Journal of The Imagination

Medium: Season One of a Television Series Scriptsowk

Project Summary

When the patriarch of your family unit gets admitted to an acute mental health unit what do you do? When the friends you think you have made betray you and high school becomes an environment of physical and verbal torture how do you survive? When people at your new school instantly judge you on your appearance how wild do you have to be to gain their attention? When you catch your mother in a tryst with another man how far will you have to go to keep the secret quiet? What do you do if helping a student may result in ending your own life? How do you run a farm and raise your children when you’re a woman of glamour? When every thing in life seems unfamiliar is it that unusual to develop a friendship with an imaginary friend? When domestic violence is part of your daily life how do you know when enough is enough?

The preceding questions are all storylines and questions that each of the central characters endure, ask themselves and have to overcome, throughout the course of season one. To Milan, the Ruakura family unit and his friends, this time, this place in which the light that was once their life has been devoured by the dark, is a vista known as Somewhere Only We Know.

Somewhere Only We Know: A visual journal of the imagination: is a local New Zealand multi-strand narrative family drama that explores the Ruakura family and their friends collisions with the everyday. Each character is on a journey of self-discovery and trying to discover who they really are and what they stand for in modern Aotearoa. The series is a poignant yet quirky portrait of a dysfunctional family and quickly diminishes any stereotypes of the country being a place of quiet sanctuary, proving that life really is ‘wild in the country.

Imagination is a unique element of the series and throughout each episode of season one, the viewer explores each of the core casts imaginations, as they manifest alternative perspectives and insights into how they project, see, react and think. This narrative feature offers viewers an opportunity to delve deeper into each characters interior and often reveals a lot more to the viewer than is possible from the exterior that each character projects to the screen.

App development

Medium: Conceptual development of three apps

Project Summary

One is solely a functional app that provides users with a quick solution to a common and time-consuming hindrance of life in the ‘internet age’.

The other two are primarily not for profit related and act as an umbrella outreach for youth, to support identity, development, promote open dialogue and an awareness of good mental health in an anonymous enivornment. 

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