I awake to the scent of incense burning. I sprawl my body against the sheets as my eyes come into focus. My butt cheeks slide against the sheets like a child thickly applying glue stick to an art collage. My vision is slightly hazy. The remains of a joint slowly simmer on a bedside table […]


We meet people everyday through our daily transactions, travels and interactions. Some we remember, some are forgotten minutes after they leave our space and sometimes we can be a blueprint in a strangers memory of this day; even if to us asking for that specific cider and the coy chuckle that followed at the counter, […]


You said it first, said it with such besotted conviction. Sure it seemed a tad like a Misha Barton line from The O.C. Yet under that rain drenched winter sky you declared you loved me. And I know… I know I didn’t reply even a forced me too.  But it had only been 3 weeks. […]