Penetrate my gaze


Sometimes all we need to warm us at night is the narratives of another….

The televisiual landscapes that have seduced my gaze during the week of May 3rd – May 10 2013 have been..

The Big C: The Hereafter

Since its début four years ago this shows heart, raw characters and honest portrayal of being liberated in the face of death has always inspired me. The cast is amazing and from the first episode of the last season it’s clear that saying goodbye to Cathy as she finally succumbs to the wrath of The Big C, will be one unforgettable journey. I urge anyone to watch this show because although the premise may sound bleak, it is one of the most intoxicating, inspiring and hilarious series I have ever had the pleasure of sharing four seasons in one day with.

Nurse Jackie Season 5

As Carmela Soprano, Edie Falco redefined the portrayal of small screen mothers and matriarchs. Yet although I loved her character in The Sopranos it is in Nurse Jackie that I believe she has been to showcase every nuance of her talent as an actress. This is another Showtime comedy-drama that I hold on a very high pedestal namely because of its cast who balance black humour with stark reality. Already four episodes in it is clear that the staff of Sacred Heart can still entertain and show the beauty in the disillusions of everyday life.

The cinematic creation that inspired my gaze and pen during the week of May 3rd – May 10 2013 was…

Hello I Must Be Going

From the moment I witnessed Melanie Lynskey’s screen début in Heavenly Creatures it was abundantly clear that she was a New Zealand actress set to make it big outside the shores of Aotearoa. Like Lynskey from the moment my eyes met Christopher Abbotts in HBO’s GIRLS, I also knew he was destined for bigger things than the small screen. Hello I Must Be Going is a refreshing black comedy that showcases those moments when we return home after our life has taken an unexpected detour. It demonstrates how in these moments of uncertainty we find ourselves but also make these everlasting connections with others that may not eventuate into love but in the moment allowed us to grow from the perspective and connection of someone new. If you loved Garden State, Young Adult, Away We Go and Sunshine Cleaning I urge you to book in a viewing with this film!

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