Love, lust, loss of love, heartbreak, expired love, love long distance, unrequited love, destructive love. No matter the label attuned to the love we are experiencing, in that moment when we look into their eyes. When we catch a glimpse of what it was, that made us fall. All we want is for them to […]


Remember that elated feeling you got when you first strutted through the line of a crowded club and straight inside because you were on the door list? Whether you were 18 or 23 and whether you’re a modest soul or a drama prone diva. You still got that nonchalant sense of elation, cued Kanye West’s Flashing […]


The most romantic sight I still to this day have ever witnessed was a kiss between my dear Croatian Nana and my resiliently Irish Grandad, his body was now finally at rest, mind drinking Guinness in the heavens above. Nana’s lips quivered as I watched her give him a last farewell kiss from the doorway, […]


At age 7.5 I knew exactly what I wanted to be, career wise. Well not quite, but I was laying the foundations for the fantasy that would become my illusive dream vocation. The blueprint for my dream career began to be inked when I would play with the members of Little Men Village and write […]


Maxine a 23 year old female stumbles onto stage releasing a rather robust cough. Walking towards a mirror she tosses hair back from her face. Facing the mirror with a confrontational glare her legs shake erratically, knees knocking. She presents a daily self-affirmation to the mirror. Maxine: “Little tornado, little tornado. Hit the fucker where […]


We meet people everyday through our daily transactions, travels and interactions. Some we remember, some are forgotten minutes after they leave our space and sometimes we can be a blueprint in a strangers memory of this day; even if to us asking for that specific cider and the coy chuckle that followed at the counter, […]


Life is nothing if not change is a phrase from one of my favourite texts Holding the Man, it’s a notion that since reading that work I have instilled into my outlook towards life. Living with this notion in the back of mind has allowed me to accept the good, the bad and the ugly […]